Runners, Repeaters & Strangers

Nearly every person in a business deals with three types of scenarios;

  • Runners – activities that are done every day of the week
  • Repeaters – activities that are done frequently but not every day and possibly not every month
  • Strangers – activities that occur intermittently

When trying to focus on improving processes it may be necessary to review a number of different scenarios to give you a real understanding of how a process works. Whatever the outcome from the analysis phase, the priority for improvement is to focus on the Runners and Repeaters as these make up the bulk of the work done and therefore provide the biggest and best ‘bang for buck’. In addition, there are often many hundreds of different ‘Stranger’ events that could arise and it is impossible to design a pathway that accomodates all scenarios equally without enormous investment in time and cost, whilst at the same time returning only a moderate to low return on your efforts.
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